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Mrs. Conrad's 6th grade Social Studies


ELA Classroom Procedures    Tracey Conrad

 Please feel free to e-mail me at any time

Remind 101 text 81010 message @cd4kk4 Brighton Middle 840-9450


Students who arrive to school before 7:40 will report to the gym

Go to your locker before reporting to 1st period. (Get supplies for periods 1, 2)


Homeroom/1st period 7:40-9:00

Students should stay seated at all times in the morning.  Sit in your assigned seat.  All checks and money for the week should be taken to the cafeteria before homeroom in the morning. 



            Lockers are permitted only at these times: arrival to school (before 7:40), after 2nd period (10:19-10:22), after 4th period (1:21-1:24). Make sure you have all the supplies you need for each class. Agenda is to be with you every day. 



            There is time between classes to use the restroom or get a drink of water. You can have a clear plastic bottle with water only in class.  You will not leave class unless it is an emergency!! You must have a signed agenda to go any place (nurse, office for the phone, etc.)


Pencil Sharpening

            All pencils should be sharpened before the tardy tone sounds.  If you break a lead during class, raise your hand to get permission to sharpen your pencil.



            Homework should be out on your desk when class begins with appropriate heading and ready to be turned in.  Any homework turned in after this will lose points for being late. Homework is 10 points per day late.


Materials: 1inch three ring binder, 5 dividers (bellwork, notes, maps, journal, graded papers)



            Anyone not in their assigned seat when the tone sounds will receive a tardy.  After 4 tardies, you will receive an office referral. Tardies accumulate per month and are school wide. Tardies are documented on the monthly calendar pages in agenda.


Labeling Papers

            Everyone is required to put first and last name on all papers.  Papers should have the date, a heading of what the assignment is, and the class period. Points will be deducted.

            Agendas are required in class every day.  You must write assignments in your agenda daily.  The agenda is a lines of communication between parents and teachers. All tardies, absences, and gum chewing documentation will be in the agenda.



            You may deposit trash on your way to your next class.  Remember this is a garbage can not a basket.  Do not shoot or throw trash towards the garbage can.


Food and Candy

            Students should not eat anything without permission.  Candy is only permissible if the teacher provides it as a reward.  Gum is not acceptable….You will receive a write off.  If the problem continues, following the discipline plan.



            We will have daily language each day with quizzes every Friday. Students will have comprehension tests, book reports, homework, and other class activities.  I try to keep you informed through remind 101.  Please e-mail any questions, or concerns.  I’m looking forward to a great year. If you can sign up for Skyward, it will allow you to keep up with your child’s grade throughout each nine week period.



            Bring a note from home or the doctor, dentist, etc. when you are absent.  If you do not bring a note, it will be unexcused.  Only excused absences are allowed make up work.  It is the students’ responsibility to turn the note in to the appropriate area with their agenda.  It is the students’ responsibility to get their makeup work.  It is the students’ responsibility to turn make up work into their teacher.   


Parent’s please read the agenda with your child.  Pay close attention to the sections on student behavior and the dress code.


Assignments, notes, rules, and other information are available for you on our school webpage.  Go to, then click on faculty, choose teacher web pages, select your child’s teachers. 


Parents please feel free to contact me through e-mail, the agenda, or by phone (840-9450).  We need your help to have a successful school year

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